'Twas the night before Cowboy Christmas, and all through the shop
Not a critter was stirring, not even a Mock.
Inventory was checked in store with care
In hopes the celebration would soon be there.
Customers were nestled at home on their phones
While anticipation of savings danced through their bones.
With Greg in his Wranglers, and Bret in his vest
We’d just settled down from a midsummer day’s quest;
When out on the wire there arose much chatter
So we sprang from our rest to see what was the matter
Away to the computer we bolted like a horse
Ripped open our laptop to find the source.
Trying to hold our enthusiasm back
Bret shouted at Greg “WHERE ARE YOU AT?”
Displayed online for all to see
Savings for YOU, YOU, and YOU. SEE?
With a giant offer unlike any of the others
A Cowboy Christmas in July, brought to you by Mock Brothers
Just like that you can save like magic
On boots, on jeans, on hats, ON JACKETS!
Shop around in different ways
And try  to catch 31 deals for 31 different days.
With Mock Brothers shaking the summer blues
We invite you to save, and shake them, too!
During July you’ll hear us humming
Because savings upon savings, just keep coming.
When the promotion ends and the deals  fly out of sight
You’ll hear us say “celebrating Cowboy Christmas is such a delight!