Steven Vekony and Kyle Foreman… do those names ring a bell?

If they don’t, we’ll give you a hint!

When these guys take the field they aren’t starting on any certain team, or filling water bottles, or coaching players, either!

Still don’t know?

Steven and Kyle both serve as the Pistol Pete mascot for Oklahoma State University, tag teaming in the iconic role!

They hype you up for the game, shoot a loud gun off when the team scores, and represent the university’s long-historied spirit.

When Pistol Pete walks into Boone Pickens Stadium, or Gallagher Iba Arena, or simply around campus, you know exactly who you’re looking at just by what the mascot is wearing! That giant head with a big mustache, the big boots that clank when he walks, a holster with a gun that fires blanks...and those oh-so recognizable chaps he wears around.

If you didn’t know, we make Pistol Pete's sporty chaps!

Off and on for 10 years now, the faces behind the mascot have trickled into our shop, asking us to make their chaps, seen neatly buckled over their trousers with the classic OSU logo embroidered at the bottom.

Every two years or so, the two young men who represent OSU switch off, and a need for a fresh pair of chaps presents itself.

The process to make them is pretty simple, and we’ve gone through it with both Steven and Kyle. When they come by we get measurements to make sure we get them the best fit possible.

And believe it or not, they pick their own colors! Some of them want a little bit of a darker orange.. depending on the year.

When the colors are chosen, we order in the leather and ask the guys to come back down to make sure it looks right.

Once approved, the building phase takes us about 2-3 weeks while we work the leather and make the chaps game day ready.

When everything is done, we ask the boys to come see their newly-made chaps!

Pretty simple, right?

The whole process takes about a month to get them on Pistol Pete and put into action, but it’s well worth the wait!

And that wait doesn't just apply to historic mascots.

We give the ultimate treatment to anyone who comes through our doors wanting a custom pair of western chaps.

So come on down and see us or give us a call at 918-245-7259!

Let us help you get that classic look you're looking for.

As Pistol Pete would say if he could speak... GO Pokes!