We're excited to be a part of Explore Tulsa's 441st episode! 

They asked us lots of questions about our history and what makes our saddle shop unique. 

The episode aired Saturday, September 15th on the CW, and again on Channel 6 at 12 a.m. on Monday, September 17th. 

In the 1940s, my great Uncle Claude was "Cowboying" and stuff up in Osage near the Kansas line where he learned how to make saddles. 

He traveled south and started Mock Brothers Saddlery, the same place we're in right now, Sand Springs, Oklahoma. He went into business with my other great uncle Archie. 

Claude handled the saddle-making, and Archie handled the books and painting. 

Today my brother, Greg, and me carry on that same great tradition they started way back then.

We haven't changed a thing... the way the saddles were built 70 years ago, you'll still find them built the same way. 

Our saddles cover the backs of tons of rodeo horses, from team roping to barrel racing. 

SEE our Saddle Collection here. 

Aside from the saddles, we have everything here: tack, hats, boots, shirts and a bunch more. 

We're proud to be Oklahoma's longest running saddle shop, bringing you consistent quality and friendly service for about 70 years. 

We hope to bring you 70 more years! 

Thanks again Explore Tulsa for letting everyone know we are here!