The Cowboy Hat: A staple every cowboy and cowgirl has in his or her closet.

The Cowboy Hat stands in its own category, bolstering its iconic look. But that classic look isn’t achieved just by finding a hat you like and calling it a day. A properly-fitted cowboy hat is one that’s been shaped with care.

Mock Brothers can help you get your hat fitted just the way you like. 

Now there’s two main hats you need to know about, and shaping each one is a little different. The process for each is similar, but they have their differences.

Your two main hats are your straws and your felts.

Straws are typically worn in the hotter months, and your felts in the colder months.

For those wanting to get a hat, you first need to figure out what size hat you wear. Most people know this when they come into the shop or are shopping online, but be sure to do some research on what size you’ll need.

Then if you want to shape it, there are several different things you can get done.

If the hat is open crown, we have to shape the top the way you want it. And then we shape the brim, depending on your preference.

Everyone's a little different. There are no two hats shaped alike.

Straw is made out of straw paper and felts have different qualities, so shaping each one takes time. But the biggest common denominator is steam, that’s what you use to soften each hat (especially straw) so you don’t break them.

When you buy your hat on, you can say ‘hey I need something different’ than just the normal size. You can do this at checkout and tell us exactly how you’d like it shaped.

Most people know what they want, so you can specify that on your online order and we can get it pretty spot on to what you describe to us.

The volume of hats we shape depends on the season. There are some days where we shape anywhere from 15-20 hats!

So if you’re needing a hat for your next venture, you can see our whole selection here.