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The BioFit Shim Pad combines the attributes of the BioFit pad with Classic Equine shims to offer an exceptional fit to older horses or any horse with muscle atrophy or conformation issues at the withers.

Constructed of an advanced grade 100% wool with 80% virgin fibers, the felt is pressed for better compression and much longer life than typical saddle pads. This material has a superior ability to disperse pressure, wick away moist
ure and diffuse heat while staying soft and pliable. The thick, orthopedic fleece center absorbs shock and disperses pressure.

This pad naturally conforms to the horse's back. The closed-cell foam shim is wedge-shaped to alleviate saddle fit issues; helps with "downhill" saddle fit due to atrophy for confirmation issues at the withers.

Sizing Guide

A - Hat Size: Wrap a tape measure around your head about 1/2" above your ears and across forehead.

B - Neck Size: Take a shirt that fits you well, lay the collar flat and measure from the center of collar button to far end of collar button-hole. The measurement in inches is your neck size.

C - Chest/Bust: Measure around the fullest part of your chest, under arms and across shoulder blades.

D - Sleeve length: Bend elbow up, measure from center of neck (back) to elbow and up to wrist.

E - Waist Size: For Belts - To determine your belt size, add 2" to your jean or slack size. For Slacks/Jeans: Wrap the tape measure over a shirt (not slacks) around body at the height you usually wear jeans or slacks. Keep one finger between tape and body.

F - Hip Size: Standing with feet together, measure around the fullest part of hips (usually 8" below waistline or at the bottom of zipper.)

G - Inseam Size: Take a pair of pants that fit you well, lay flat with side seams together. Fold one leg back and measure flat leg from crotch inseam down to bottom of pant.

H - Footwear Size: Order your normal street shoe size unless otherwise specified.


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